Kuba Kubikula III.

In order not to completely screw up my bandwidth, I’m publishing only one video today. This video was captured in cuban national park Zapata, which is situated on the half way from Varadero to the Bay of Pigs. This park is a well-known home of crocodiles, there you can see above 10K of them there. My fight with especially dangerous one is on the video.

Filemon vs Croc (2.8 MB)

5 thoughts on “Kuba Kubikula III.

  1. God.zilla

    chjo, wmv9.. nekdy mi mplayer leze na nervy, zrovna na tohle bych se rad podival 🙂

  2. filemon

    God.zillo a to vazne nejde pustit nejakym hackem pod linuxem? Snaz se, je to jeste lepsi nez si myslis 🙂

  3. God.zilla

    ale jo, s trochou snahy to jde. kazdopadne ten kousek teda nevypadal nejak moc nebezpecne.. 😉

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