Transferring Skype contacts

So I’ve bought a new mobile phone (MDA Compact) with Windows Mobile 2003 OS and have installed Skype immediately afterwards. A little bit dissapointment occurs by me during the first start of the application – no contacts where downloaded from any Skype server. Then I realize, Skype doesn’t use centralised server for contacts maintenance. Moreover, it doesn’t support export/import to file.

Luckily, I’ve found the way how to break through. Simply go to documents_settings/user/Application_data/Skype on your PC and copy everything to the respective directory on the PDA. That’s it. Not very convenient way, but it works.

2 thoughts on “Transferring Skype contacts

  1. Dave

    Sorry for silly question, but how do you connect to skype server? Does it have WiFi? Or UMTS? 😉

  2. filemon

    No, Wifi and UMTS is not available. But. This device supports SDIO and is compatible with SD Wifi card SDWSDB-256, which I’ve ordered recently. While waiting for the card,I’m connecting via laptop using BT connection and ActiveSync. You can imagine, how were my collegues impressed, when I’ve used it as an additional console to monitor online the log on the production server via Putty or when they saw my home computer via VNC viewer. I really love this phone. 🙂

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