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Mac OS: Stop desktop cluttering caused by ThunderBird

As you’re reading these lines, you’ve been probably affected by annoying bug in ThunderBird related to dealing with attachments.
I’ve published this post just to sum up my google findings on one place – details described f.e. here.

Scenario is easy – when you open an attachment directly and have a helper application assigned (like MS Word for doc), given file also gets stored automatically on desktop. There is no option effectively affecting this behavior currently available , so your desktop can get quite messy after a while.

You have two options here

  1. Auto delete of temporarily opened files on ThunderBird exit

    Create and set to true browser.helperApps.deleteTempFileOnExit in TB configuration

  2. Change the download directory via different application

    Safari 2.x should work for Mac OS 10.4, whereas Camino works for Mac OS 10.5

NetBeans bugs/misconceptions list

Note: This post has been created a few days back, so needn’t necessary reflect the current status of NB 6.1 beta. In fact, I would be more than happy to be blamed for being “lama” with the lack of knowledge of this and that killer feature of NetBeans…

As Jiri Pisa recently became a true fan of ruby, we started to discuss this language almost every day. I summed some of our findings related to the best ruby editor currently available – NetBeans. Note, that the list is not ruby specific only. I will keep updating this list until NetBeans is perfect. 🙂

Domain: Setup

– on Mac: if you turn on Eclipse key binding it’s Windows one not Mac OS one

– keyboard shortcut card (pdf) is static – default Windows eg. doesn’t represent the current status. Looks like somebody made his life easier. 😛

– no setup filtering aka Eclipse – difficult to find the setting (example: try to change key mapping for “Format”)

Domain: Ruby editor

-caching of context help – shows even deleted classes/attributes in content assistant

-quotes pairing madness – duplicates the second quote when closing the first one

missing features

-content assistant in script/console – example: Foo.column_names

-refactoring – file rename – update require clause when changing ruby file name

More to come….

JetCast numero 4

Posledni dobou ziju za 3, pracuju za 5 a parim za 0.1, takze uznate, ze nemam prilis casu na kvalitni plnohodnotne posty, na ktere jste si zde postupne zvykli. JetCast je jednou z veci, ktera me opravdu bavi, proto urcite zkontrolujte posledni dil, venovany novinkam a nasemu olympionikovi ve windsurfigu Tomasi Malinovi. Enjoy!

Epizoda 4: Dymkovy tandem!